BACK… in the saddle, again!

Special thanks for 6 PAX who showed up this morning to post with me. Your abs, hips, and backs will thank you in the days to come. I really do miss you guys from the fartsack and wish I was out there to post on these humid summer mornings. The past 3-4 weeks have been up and down with my lower back recovery. I have good days and bad, but the days my back feels better are the days I get up and do exercises and stretches, so I decided to gear this morning around that.

Warmup to Workout:

Don Quixote, weed picker, 8count good morning, air squat, SSH

Grab weight for series of bent over rows, lateral squats, squat press

Prone position to do a Justice League series of exercises (Superman, Aquaman, Batman-more superheroes will be added to this series in future Q’s-I already have some in mind), then to series of plank, low plank holds, side planks and opposing arm/leg raises

Supine position for series of 30°, 60°, 90°, Freddy Mercury and Flutter kicks

Back to weight for series of rows and presses and back to plank for Peter Parker and Parker Peter

10 4-count merkins, 20 lunges

Yoga stretches, and bridges


Welcome FNG-CabbagePatch

Guests Florider (Columbia, SC) and Use To (Augusta, GA)

Announcement: collecting canned goods for Maizy Davenport EDIT-spoke with Wheezy this morning. She has collected about 600 cans so far and hopes to be done by the end of the week. So, bring cans to workouts or drop them off at my office.

Prayer concerns: Bundy’s Dad, Bearded Millennial’s grandma, Scott Reynolds and family.



It might not seem like much of a workout to those who didn’t post for whatever reason this morning, but I can say that I’m already feeling it. Proper posture, positioning, and form make all the difference in the world. You only have one body in this life. Treat it as God’s temple.

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