BACK…. by Popular Demand (ImpromtQ Part 4)

After a few good weeks with no Q slots open, we show up to Renegade with no Q, so Loveseat and I took turns for a good on the fly beatdown.


Warmup-25 SSH, 15 Jeff Imperial Walkers, LBAC/Iron Cross (discussion begins about how comfortable the fartsack must be at the Bundy house)

Mosey to first entrance for weed pickers and don quioxte

Mosey to bus stop from there any combination of motion (excluding walking or running) from first to last pillar i.e. bear crawl, lunge, hop, etc.

Loveseat led ATMs then to playground for 5-1 burpees, 5-1 pull-ups with 15-30 air squats and 20-40 LBCs

Return to picnic benches for incline ATMs, step ups and Al Gore to 6. Move to grass for crunchy frogs, flutter kicks and American hammers.

Lap around parking lot, stretches and Pusser Push-up Challenge (as many pushups as possible without rest) to finish.

COT- Countarama took longer than necessary because Rosebud and Heartbreaker were carry on about something like kindergarteners and not paying attention.


Closed in Prayer

Great small group this morning. Humid, even though the electronic sign said it was 32° and was off by 10 minutes (slow).

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