F3 Golf

A new classic

we has a solid turnout for a lovely Saturday morning in the park. @heartbreaker, @milkbone, @rosebud, @uptowngirl, @suess, @tinker, @stitches, and @dodgeball – who showed up a minute late for his own Q, due to a last second call-back for a morning Brunswick.

Its safe to say none of us will be getting that sponsors exemption into the RSM, But today we introduced a new classic: F3 Golf, and I believe everyone is as glad they came.

we began with a brisk mosey from Neptune to Mallery, planted the flags and then began.

to start: hit the ball, in a direction. Simple enough. I began with a massive drive, at least 300 yards.

then: be the first to find and pick up the ball. If you are first, you get to call out the next exercise AND choose whether or not you actually want to do it. It was either @heartbreaker or @milkbone who scored the first pick up.

Then: after the group finishes the exercise, the pick up takes a hack, and off we go again. Whoever made the above pick could not match my power, form, or  execution. Let’s just say we didn’t go far for the next [several] picks.

there were tons of laughs from the group as @rosebud, @milkbone, and @everyone had trouble connecting. There is an element of risk/reward in that after a miss you can choose to go for the ball, BUT keep in mind that the golfer can choose to swing again.

all in all we did a lot of exercises and I clocked 2.65 miles for the fun Saturday pax.

announcements: manna house today, iron pax starts Monday, and q source begins in September.

prayer requests: marriages, school starting back, @twinkletoes bum knee, and a few others.

we closed in prayer and a few made it to coffeteria at palm coast.



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