Body by Dodgeball

It was a lovely Thursday morning when 6 showed up for Renegade at OPES.  @dodgeball, @loveseat, @milkbone, @heartbreaker, @stitches, and @bundy rounded out the group.  You will notice a change in these guys after today’s workout.  They are leaner, stronger, and altogether more irresistible to…everyone.

We started with a mosey to our halfway point, the intersection of Frederica and OPES entry.  Our warmup consisted of 20xSSH, 15xCan-Cans, 10xMerkins.  Then we mosey’d to our actual AOQ, the Frederica/Lawrence Road roundabout.  I have never seen so much traffic go by at 530am, needless to say we stopped traffic and had at least one cat call (from a senior citizen female).

Our first set of exercises were on the 6: 20xLBCs, 15xAnkle Grabbers, 20xAlternating Toe Touches (from corpse position), 20xLBC’s (with legs flat and extended), and ending with 50xMerican Hammers – these were done quickly and efficiently.

Next we did a 200 relay:  Partner up, one sprints the circle while the other knocks out Merkins, then switch, to 200.  This was harder than it sounds.  The intermittent sprint circuit really wears down the major muscle groups.

Next we did a 100 relay: Partner up, one bear crawls to the far oak tree while the other knocks out rebounders, then switch, to 100. @heartbreaker stuck his hand in a hole and face-planted, it was beautiful.

Next we had a [low] plank off – with intermittent Peter Parkers mixed in (from low plank).  Our winner was a stubborn red-head named @heartbreaker who lasted a little over 3 minutes.

For the bonus round we had a race back to the flags at OPES (.4 miles).  @loveseat edged out @dodgeball for the win, with a surprise third place from @bundy.

Announcements: Q-Source coming up soon.

Prayer Requests: Bundy’s work situation and his dad.  Scott Reynolds family/friends, Bill Barrow (deployment), Tim Carlson (cancer).

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