It was a sweltering morning at SSCC. We had five returning pax and one FNG gather in the gloom.  I procrastinated planning my workout till after midnight, which Uptown Girl reminded everyone is usually a terrible idea as it often results in a demoralizing workout that is way harder than the Q intended.  I think it was just right and he was trying to skip reps.

warmup – SSH, Imperial walkers, weed pickers

the thang – 30-30-30- I call out two exercises, and you do 20 reps of one and 10 of the other, then 15 of each, then 10 of the first and 20 of the second.  Hence, 30-30-30 reps in total.

We did three sets of 30-30-30s – crunchy frogs and merkins, then flutter kicks (2 count) and dry docks, then la cooceracha (2 count) and diamond merkins.

Next we took turns farmer carrying two large plastic buckets filled with pond water around the circle.  One person carried, while the rest did various plank positions, protractor ab work, and milkbone’s patented DC universe back exercises (Superman, aquaman, Batman, etc)

Next, 3 more sets of 30-30-30’s – dips and step ups, thrusters with weights and Dollys, lunges and flat back crunches.

Finally, we ended with another round of farmers carry with more planking, Superman’s, and some stretching for good measure.

We named our FNG Fidget Spinner – he sells eCommerce items on Amazon as a side gig from his music career.  I feel we could have mined the music field a bit more for a nickname, but Fidget Spinner it is!

Circle of Trust – please pray for Dodgeball’s digestion today.  He had Taco Monday yesterday and I can tell you from personal experience working out next to him that his body is still feeling the effects.


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