A Tribute to the King of Pop

Don’t ask me why, but today I just wanted to listen to the King of Pop.  The workout had really nothing to do with his music, so my title makes no sense, but you have to admit, that picture is awesome.  I always preferred the black Michael Jackson to the white one, but then again, who didn’t.  Sad thing his quack doctor gave him all those pills.

But I digress…the workout-


Little Baby Arm Circles, forward/reverse. Weed Pick, Arm Stretches.

Next we did 3 rounds rounds of the following:

10x Box Jumps (on either tailgate, benches, or curb)

20x Merkins

30x Lounges

40x Air Squats

50x Flutter Kicks

With a follow the leader mosey in between each round.

In between 3rd and fourth round we did some stretching because the legs were starting to lock up.  Then we finished the fourth round, but had to break it up a bit.

For the fourth set we did a couple of variations of merkins (20x Wide Grip, 20x Close Grip), then some jump lounges (10x) – quick mosey – then back for box jumps (10x), flutter kicks (80x), and finally air squats (54x).  I got carried away towards the end…”Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” came on, followed by “The Way You Make Me Feel” – don’t say you wouldn’t have done the same with your Q.

It was a good time, heavy intervals, got the blood pumping in the major muscle groups.  We kept everything in check with the mosey’s – a much needed break in between the chaos.

Those in attendance: @dodgeball, @rosebud, @heartbreaker, @charmin, @stitches, @fidgetspinner, @suess, @blackberry, @JackieB

Prayer Request: @loveseat (family sick), Tim Carlson (cancer), Hurricane Victims and relief teams.

Announcements: @heartbreaker is hosting a table at CareNet banquet.  If you are interested in going get with him.  It will be Sept 27 (next Thursday).


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