9.27.18 Partnership be the Theme

5:15 came early, but 13 manly men showed up at the Osprey Nest for a great workout (present:  Heartbreaker Q-man, Dodgeball helped with timer, Catnip, Bundy, Stitches, Fidget Spinner,  Rosebud, Woz, Snowball, Uptown Girl, Blackberry, Two Buck Chuck, and FNG-Kronos . After a few stretches we jumped into the first phase of three sets of 30,35,40 seconds of squat jumps and mountain climbers (5 each).  2nd phase was same format (30,35, 40 seconds) of walking lunges (inspiration supplied by juxtaposing mental imagery catnip’s two personas, Dr./disk jockey…guess you had to be there…).  3rd phase we lined up across from partners and (same time format) and did sideways shuffles then stopped and did push ups across from partners with high fives with partner (right hand/left hand-hands took a beating on the asphalt today).  4th phase (same time format) comprised of 5 burpees, 5 reverse flies, 5th phase Inch Worm hand walks with left right shoulder taps 30 seconds, 35 seconds same inchworm with mountain climbers added, 40 seconds with inchworm shoulder taps, pushups, mountain climbers.  Finished off with partners running 15 yard sprints back and forth (total 30 yds, high five tag up with partner) 6 lap total that rolled into a gentle parking lot mosey and short stretch…Welcomed FNG “Kronos” (name inspired from Dr. who encouraged him to lose weight and get on path of health).  Prayers lifted for brother Tim Carlson (who will join us on Sat 10/6!) and for Fidget Spinner who is a man of God in the midst of an exciting new chapter!  Grateful to the Author of Hope, Jesus for this day and the opportunity to experience it in fellowship and health.  Man, we are blessed.


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