That’s Not a Tempo Squat

The Dawn patrol was 9 strong today with 1 FNG (so that makes 10).  Following a wonderful disclaimer and superior instructions to modify as necessary I ran full speed into the darkness and unknown.  But a HIM follows Foundation #5 – Preparedness – getting ready for the expected while being ready for the unexpected.

I expected our first stop to be on the lighthouse lawn, but unexpectedly I caught a full stream of water in the middle of my chest from the sprinkler system.  That AO would be closed for the morning but fortunately we were at a half tide leaving plenty of beach available to us.  Down the stairs we go.

Still in Warm up:

LBAC forward and back + Moroccan night clubs = 11 Tempo Merkins

Lunges on each leg with a twist ^ 2 = 11 Tempo Squats

(full disclosure, I screwed up the call – thus the title today – with tempo squats, tempo merkins, regular squats and merkins all morning – fortunately the PAX was able to pick up what I meant even if I didn’t say it correctly.  Dredd would have been disappointed in me.)

Mosey down the beach, through a mud hole, up the stairs to the church parking lot.

Suicide squats beginning with the 7 line (run out to the 7 line, 10 squats, back to start then out to 6 line, 10 more squats) – lather rinse repeat until you are back to the blue line.

That was sooooo much fun we decided to kinda do it again – from the crabwalk position we did suicide situps beginning with the 3 line.  D2 didn’t like this much as he was wearing a ruck full of extra weight.  I called this exercise just for him and laughed while we were doing it. *** Correction, I “Laughed with him”.

Time to mosey around the church to the preschool dropoff driveway.  Plank for the 6 – it was D2, the weight was in the mistake category by now.  Couple of merkins in cadence just to keep the chest involved.  Next, lung to the top of the driveway and jog back to the start.  Do this 5x.  Somebody smart noted that not only was their an incline but that there was a tilt such that you were always leaning to the right.

With that done we headed to the dry-er parking lot across the street for some ab work.  Flutters, dolly and rosie.

Mosey to the lighthouse parking lot – plank for the 6.  SSH, merkins, squats – some tempo, some not.  Generally ending on 7 or 11.  Why?  I have no idea.  Probably becaase I forgot to stop at 10.

Mosey to the lighthouse playground.  Pull ups.  3 OYO.  LBC – 20 – OYO.  Pull Ups – 3 – OYO.  Over to the concrete picnic tables.  Incline Merkins.  Back to Pull Ups.  4 this time.  LBC.  Back to benches.  Inclines.  Final 4 Pull Ups.  Mad props to D2 who did the pull ups with the ruck on.

Mosey to the light on the edge of the casino by the Bobsled bike rack.  Circle up.  As one person does a lap through the casino the next PAX in line leads in an exercise until running PAX returns.  Great stuff except Loveseat who stopped in the casino fo a drink of water.  10 guys out there this morning and we made it through 7 before the Q called an audible due to time constrains and we headed back to the flag.

Wrap Up.

Pledge of Alegiance

Count off – name-o-rama

FNG – LoveShack (first concert was B52s).  Guy is a power lifter (cardio needs work though)

Announcements: Mana House this Saturday, 9:30-1:30.  Volunteer.  Get in touch with D2 (yes he will be wearing his ruck at Mana House).

QSource on Saturday mornings is a moving study – you WILL be walking


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