Turning Rain into Pain

Five fellow pax weren’t going to let a little rain keep them from a good morning beatdown. (As a side note, I would have probably slept in too, but it was my Q… just sayin’). Anyway, I had to scramble to think up something to do under the cover, but the rain wasn’t bad, after all. On my way in, I had to navigate around a downed tree over Frederica Rd, so I considered moving the workout to do some tree clearing, but Luigi was fast at work and took care of it. That said, here’s my backblast:


50 SSH, 10 LBAC (F&R), wonder bra, Imperial Walkers, finished with 10 burpees OYO

The Thang

Series of exercises consisting of pushing and pulling motions in 20×4 count cadence. Bent over row, triceps extension, curl, goblet squat, overhead press, mixed with merkins, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury, Justice League, etc. Maybe some other stuff, but I forget.

Short slowsie.

10-15 minutes of yoga finishing up with legs up the wall for shavasana.


Announcements including Manna House on Saturday, under the oaks run, Q-Source

Prayer concerns Gepetto’s 2.0, worship team at SSCC, Fidget Spinner

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