Man it was nice this morning!  I left my house about 0510 and drove the golf-cart to pick up @beardedmillennial, then we headed to the pier.  Good thing most people are too smart to be up at that hour or else we would have made the front page of the Brunswick-News as the object of everyone’s frustration.  Heaven forbid, a golf cart, in a [mostly] retirement community, where the max speed limit on nearly every road on the island, is 35mph.  But I digress…

5 of the strong (idiots) showed up: @rosebud, @cher, @stitches, @beardedmillenial, and YHC.

The theme was “push-pull-go.”

We started with a mosey to the playground at Mallery. LBAC forward/reverse, Wonderbras, Morrocan NC, Tempo Single Weed Picks, Jeff Imperial Walkers.

10 Merkins, 9 Close-Grip Merkins. Head to swings, 7 hanging lat-pulls, 6 hanging lat-pulls, all IC 2 count.

Mosey the long way to basketball courts.

8 Wide-grip merkins, 7 diamond merkins. 5 “help a brother ups.”

Mosey to big playground at pier, plank for the 6. 6 Merkins, 5 close-grip merkins. Head to swings, 6 hanging lat-pulls, 4 hanging lat pulls.

Mosey down pier and back, meet at little playground. 4 “choose a merkins.” 4 pullups X2. 2x hanging leg raises.

Mosey to red-light and back to flag. 3 merkins, 2 diamond merkins, 1 wide-grip merkin. Finish.  Total was 111 pushes, 64 pulls, and 1.85 miles of go.

Few announcements: @beardedmillenial was tired, @cher was tired from the pumpkin party.

Pray for pending hurricane and its effects. My sick daughter.

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