Caught me a Nantan

Six pax assembled out of the gloom this morning. 

We started with a mosey to the pier, carefully avoiding the sprinklers on the way. We warmed up with  some high knees, butt kickers, SSH, Jeff imperial walkers, tempo squats, and worse-worse-worse merkins. Uptown Girl inexplicably ended up with a fish hook in his mouth after the merkins – I’m still at a loss how. 

Next we moseyed to the sunken living room and I pulled out the official F3 deck of death playing cards. We did the exercises as described on the cards – reps for numbered cards were the number plus 10, face cards were 25, aces were 100.  Exercises as follows:

17 monkey humpers

19 wide merkins

18 merkins

12 each side Bulgarian split squats

25 plank jacks

14 heels to heaven

12 clap merkins

Backwards run to tree and back

12 burpees

18 squat thrusts

Bear crawl across sunken living room

13 in cadence high slow flutter kick

13 wojo squat

25 monkey humpers 

20 incline merkins

25 American hammers (2 count)

12 WWI sit-ups

90 second plank

7 each side uneven incline merkin

25 mountain climbers

100 SSH

18 crunchy frogs

Run around casino building

25 smurf jacks

Circle of trust – prayers for Tommy from 4th of May and Uptown’s mom. 

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