Deck of Death Part Deux – faster, harder, longer

Saturday’s beatdown deserved a backblast so here goes. Seven men met in the gloom, but the Q who signed up wasn’t one of them. After consulting with Uptown Girl, we learned that Woz had emailed in sick at 5:00 am. No worries, the deck of death was on hand.

We did an identical warmup as at Jailbreak earlier in the week. Mosey to pier, high knees, buttkickers, Jeff imperial walkers, tempo squats, worse-worse-worse merkins. Moseyed to sunken living room. 

We started on the deck, and it was brutal. Tried to keep the pace fast as it appeared there may be a chance of getting through the whole deck. Next time we’ll cut back on the warmup and we may make it.  As it was, we completed 42 out of 52 cards (compared to 24 cards on Monday).

14 alternating side squat (each leg)

20 buttkickers in cadence

15 oblique crunches each side

16 wide-arm merkins

25 diamond merkins

19 low slow squats

15 standing lunges

14 Carolina dry docks

25 squats

15 hand release merkins

18 backward lunges

25 dips

25 shoulder taps in cadence

100 flutter kicks (50 in cadence)

19 high knees in cadence

17 little baby crunches

60 second low plank

Karaoke to tree and back

17 monkey humpers

19 ranger merkins

18 merkins

12 Bulgarian split squat each leg

25 plank jacks

14 heels to heaven

12 hand clap merkins

20 Rosalitas

100 calf raises (50 each leg)

16 jumping lunges

25 merkins

100 little baby arm circles (25 in 4 count cadence)

Sprint to far tree

Sprint to nearer tree

18 squat thrusts

Bear crawl length of indoor living room

13 high slow flutter kick (2 count)

15 burpees

Lunge walk two sides of indoor living room

13 wojo squats

25 monkey humpers

25 Freddie mercurys

17 derkins

20 incline merkins

Prayer requests – loveshack job search, cowtown’s sister


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