The ship came in … with Bicycles

A damp start to the week at Jailbreak where four brothers met for a robust start to the day, punching the sad clown in his big red nose.  This is how it went down –
The Warm Up
Mosey to the end of the pier
15 LBAC forward IC
15 LBAC backwards IC
The Thang
Mosey around Barbara Jeans to the sunken area where we met Dora for a round of exercise –
After pairing off, between the two –
100 Carolina Drydocks
200 Squats
300 Freddie Mercuries (2ct)
While 1 one working on these, the other partner was running the length of the building (inside)
30 One Legged Calf Raises (Each Leg)
5 Derkins, 10 Merkins, 20 Dips (2x – initially this was 3 but YHC modified after nearly eating concrete on the second set of Derkins)
Mosey out past the historic society, along the waterfront in  front of the play ground and back to the flagpole
Shared Q – Loveseat (Worse, Worse, Worse Merkins – 5 reps), Dodgeball (Starfish – 5 reps), Uptown Girl (One legged squats – 5 reps each leg)
Countorama, nameorama
Announcements – QSource this week – Leave Right – the construction of Legacy (Last of the series)
Prayers – For those who made it out today and those who fartsacked.
Naked Man Moleskin
Although the PAX was only 4 today, the mumblechatter was constant and always entertaining. The overnight rain kept things on the coolish side today, which made for better moseying weather.  It was high tide, so the pier was populated with a few fisherpeople and a cargo ship sighting as it eased into harbor from the darkness on the open water.
We do this all week – Come out and take the DRP and punch the sad clown with us!

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