48 Ways to Celebrate

Today, November 6, is my 48th birthday.  I’ve only been coming to F3 SSI for a couple of months and have avoided Q’ing my first workout – but I decided that a valiant attempt to Q my first workout would be a noble way to begin my 49th year of life on this rock.

Although it was only 73 degrees but there was no lack of sweat due to the ridiculous humidity as 8 PAX gathered on the patio at SSCC for Iron Man.


Typical warmup this morning included

  • SSH – Side Straddle Hops (IC) 25 reps
  • LBAC – Little Baby Arm Circles Forward
  • LBAC – Little Baby Arm Circles Backward
  • Weed Pickers
  • My own weird version of a Frankenstein, that we have called “Rice Krispies” because of the snapping and popping that occurs in your lower back and hips.

The Exercise – 48 Ways To Celebrate

I wanted to find a creative way to take my 48th birthday and use the numbers “4” and “8” so the exercise routine for the morning was FOUR rounds of EIGHT exercises on 48-second intervals.   (30-seconds high intensity, 18 seconds recovery and prepare for next exercise).  I used my trusty Interval Timer app on my iPhone to signal the high, low, and cool-down intervals.  PAX were encouraged to modify as needed to make it more or less difficult by adding weight as today we were only competing against ourselves.

  1. Merkins (30 seconds, as many as you can do, 18-second recover and prepare)
  2. Crunches (30 seconds, as many as you can do, 18-second recover and prepare)
  3. Thrusters (with weights, same intervals)
  4. Tricep Extensions (with weights, same intervals)
  5. Bicep Curls (with weights, same intervals)
  6. Bend Over Rows (with weights, same intervals)
  7. Wonder Bras (with weights, same intervals)
  8. Flutter Kicks

At the end of each round, we had approximately 60-90 seconds to recover and prepare for the next round.   Four total rounds, each round trying to get as close to your original reps as possible.

I’d hoped to add a round of step ups and dips on the benches and take a mosey around the parking lot, but we were out of time.  We concluded by pitching the lead to Bundy to cool us down with a few minutes of yoga stretches.

Notable mention:

There was a significant amount of mumblechatter which led me to believe this workout was not hard enough.  Then again, there was always a way to make it harder.  Dodgeball elected to spit out all the names of UGA players as he pushed out all his merkins.  He declined to make them harder by doing diamond merkins or plyos.   Milkbone wanted more of a challenge so he planked in between rounds.  Bundy realized that a 30-pound cinderblock wasn’t ideal for 4 rounds of Wonderbras.   And finally, I expressed my frustration that I couldn’t get a good pigeon stretch because my fat gut was in the way.   Perhaps there’s something I can do about that, but today, Holloway’s cupcakes will reign supreme.


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