Flight Training – Embrace the Suck

5 studs (in the dark) showed up to take the DRP – rosebud, heartbreaker, dodgeball, milkbone, uptown

disclaimer – excellent one too – I mean a moving one.  Was really great!

Warm up:  🔥

  • SSH – tons
  • arm circles – almost took off
  • tempo squats – great job
  • (Duke) Carolina dry docks – yes Duke was great in CRUSHING Kentucky (sorry D2)
  • Moroccan night club – I can taste the tea

Mosey to roundabout – was more of a full out sprint with these Thoroughbreds

Assemble on the roundabout and scare some traffic:

  • dry docks
  • squats
  • big boy sit ups

RUN back to the parking lot

Unusual Positions/Unusual Attitudes Flight Training

  • Monkey Humpers
  • Pickle Pounders
  • Pickel Pointers

(Go to the exeicon)

Mosey to the playground

  • 25 pull ups
  • 100 flutter kicks
  • 50 bench dips

Mosey to the bus pickup area – pitch dark, mosey by brail kinda stuff

BOMBS – dora style: parter up.  1 guy runs, other does PT

  • burpees -100
  • one leg squats – 200 (100 each side)
  • merkins – 300
  • big boy sit ups – 400
  • squats – 500

Mosey back through playground picking up another 25 dips and 12 pull ups – DodgeBall took off his shirt and did pull ups 1 handed (6 each side)


Circle up

count-o-rama – there were 5 of us and we got it right, no miscounting!

name-o-rama – Rosebud, War Daddy; DodgeBall, War Baby

Announcements (F3 happy hour tonight at 5:30 at Growler factory)

Prayer Requests – Tim Carlson, bone marrow x-plant.  Heartbreaker recorded our prayer and sent it to him.  His response is below – AWESOME.  Send Tim some prayers today!



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