40 minutes of hell…plus 20

On a cool, overcast Saturday, 9 men came out for what was promised to as a ‘challenging’ beatdown. As college basketball kicked off this week, I could not pass up a little homage to ’40 minutes of hell’ from the 1990’s version of the Arkansas Razorbacks that I found in the F3 Library of workouts. Although I am not a fan of Arkansas, the workout looked like exactly what YHC needed to see…

Judging from the mumblechatter, it Sucked.

Thank you and you’re welcome.

Daily Red Pill humbly served.

Warm up
Mosey to the end of the pier
Weedpickers 16 IC

Mosey to grassy knoll on the oceanside of the SSI Lighthouse
(On the mosey we witnessed another spectacular sunrise as the sun poured through the level clouds with streams of light.)

The Thang
Nolan Richardson – ’40 minutes of hell’
(partners) 2nd person backpedals to second oak tree (50 yards), Bobby Hurley, then jogs back.
150 burpees
300 squats
150 big boy sit-ups
300 LBAC
150 Merkins
300 imperial walkers

For those planning future workouts, this one would fit nicely into a day with a 45 minute window.
I have it on good authority that several in the PAX modified this to declined BBS and Inclined merkins due to the local topography. It still sucked.

Wilt Chamberlain
(These are normally in sets of 100; YHC significantly modified – maybe more of a Tim Duncan)
All excercises completed OYO
50 LBC’s
50 Yard run to Oak Tree and back
50 Squats
50 Yard run to Oak Tree and back
50 Flutter kicks (2ct)
50 Yard run to Oak Tree and back
50 Lunges (2ct)
50 Yard run to Oak Tree and back

Mosey to the flagpole

10 Hallelujahs IC (thanks for sharing Cowtipper)

Veterans Day Parade in St Simons Village at 10:30 am
Uptown Girl offered parking for RSM Golf Tourney
Prayers for Veterans
Prayers for CA shooting and fire victims and families
Heartbreaker provided stirring prayer for PAX and Tim Carlson

Coffeeteria followed shortly thereafter at Palm Coast

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