Lucky 7’s

Stitches, milkbone, heartbreaker, yogi bear, dodgeball, bundy, and loveseat showed up today for a grueling workout. These guys made the workout great. Guys did a great job. Weather was 38 degrees, but we powered through and got better.

Warmup (standard stuff)

Roxanne (you’ll never think of that song the same way again)

“Lucky 7’s”

7 rounds:

7 Pull-Ups
7 Push-Ups
7 Squats
7 Lunges
7 Sit-ups
7 Flutter kicks
7 Burpees

Announcements :

1. HQ tonight at 5:30. Make sure to be there.
2. Manna House this weekend.

Prayers :

1. Tim Carlson miraculously doing better.
2. Bundy told us he is moving??
3. Bundy’s father, John Carroll, is not doing well. That’s rough, so be in prayers for him.


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