Dodged the ball

After Dodgeball was fishing for someone to take the Q yesterday, I jumped on it. I arrived this morning and conditions were perfect!  Nice little sea breeze rolling in and somewhere around 40 degrees.  You boy Loveshack was playing with oversized rubber bands, Stitches and I were complaining how bad our abs hurt, and Loveseat was bouncing around like an excited little bunny rabbit to keep warm. I petitioned the PAX to to moving the AO to Waffle House, but they voted to stay put.


Tha Thang:

We moseyed to the tennis courts where we did Jacobs Ladder Suicides.

#1 Merkin Suicides 8 total OB lines on the two courts, adding a rep each time back to the starting line. (36 total reps)

#2 LBC Suicides each line you add 3 reps (108 total reps)

7MOM… 20 Flutter Kicks 4c, 20 Dolly 4c, 20 Fire Hydrants, Superman & Banana.

#3 Burpee Suicides (36 total)…… you guessed it, they did suck

#4 Squat Suicides each line you add 3 reps for (108 total reps)

Mosey back to pier, grab a bench around the big oak and we did 20 4C Dips alternating leg raises.

Mosey to flag… Pledge of Allegiance, COT

As we were walking to our vehicles, I catch a glimpse of Loveshack and notice that he’s wearing a flipping weighted vest!!!!  T-Claps young man.

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