Iron Man without a plan

Six pax met in the gloom this am. We got after it.

“jack trio” warmup – 25x IC of side straddle hop, then seal jacks, then plank jacks.


7x IC (14 reps) each of curb merkins, decline merkins, flapjack curb merkins, and incline merkins.

20x IC weighted tempo squats, 15x IC regular squats, 10x IC one legged tempo squats, flapjack.

ab circle – one pax farmer carries two rucks around circle while another pax leads ab exercise.  We did big boy sit-ups, LBCs, gymnast crunches, Rosalitas, crunchy frogs, American hammer, and flutter kicks.

line up – lunge walk 25 yards carrying weight, then do it back to startex carrying weight overhead.  Then bear crawl 25 yards and crawl bear back.

dora 1-2-3 – 100 Carolina dry docks, 200 crunchy frogs, 300 monkey humpers.

ended with a little plank circle – high planks, low planks, one armed, etc.

announcements – revival!

prayer for Mrs howells brother in law with cancer treatment.


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