Battle Buddies, Post New Years Edition


On a cool January morning, a perfect low 60’s temp for a beatdown, 7 of us showed up in the gloom at the new 530 am start time.  YHC rolled in at 515 to catch anyone who may have missed the memo and met Heehaw headed out for a quick pre-beatdown warmup ruck out of the parking lot.
I borrowed and modified a Sailor’s Warning beatdown led by Heehaw earlier in the fall and modified it for the shorter time period…..should have kept it as it was…tough to improve on a good beatdown plan.
15 SSH
15 Chinooks
Lean left (stretch)
Lean right (stretch)
15 Weedpickers
Mosey out of parking lot and back in via main entrance driveway
The Thang
Stopping in front of the flag pole at OPES, we partnered up and worked through exercise in Battle Buddy style –
Partners alternating running to the LED sign and back while other partner is working on these reps
400 LBC’s
300 Squats
200 4-Count Flutter Kicks
100 Merkins
50 Burpees
Lunges from the flagpole to the LED Sign, high knees back
Bearcrawl from flagpole to LED Sign, Carioca back
Mosey around the parking lot
Announcements– Manna House Saturday Jan 5 (Luigi guest Q), Heehaw changing employment
COT – Heartbreaker closed us out with a prayer including Tim Carlsonn (recovery), Heehaw (job change), Bundy (move/job change), the guys in the gloom and the fartsackers.

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