It’s Cold Out Here – but it’s warm in bed

With apologies to who ever first performed that classic song – it was just darn cold out this morning, at least until we started moving.

BTW – here is a freebie for those who have not seen it yet, a modern day update of that classic tune for todays PC environment. Yes, click the pic for the video.

Here’s what we did this morning in a nutshell:

Arrival – bitch & moan about how cold it is (37 for those wondering).  I complained about not having a hat, Loveseat complained about a missing shipment from China and Yogi Bear complained that he couldn’t go to work.  And Heartbreaker – he didn’t complain at all (f’ing ball of sunshine).

Short disclaimer, start running to traffic circle – pass Blackberry arriving late – turn around to pick up Blackberry.  We got Blackberry and he was complaining about having to bring breakfast to 707 this morning.  Cool, he’s in the club. 3 laps around the parking lot and then off to the bus lane.

Side Stradle Hop – lots. Arm circles – lots.  Weedpickers – some.  Lunges – lots.

DORA – 200 Merkins, 400 Big Boy Sit Ups, 600 Squats as a team – partner running to the next to last pole and back.


Back to the playground for some more work.

Pull Ups – 10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2  with 20 toe squats hanging off the rail in between each pull up set.

Blackberry and I modified by holding onto the pole for assistance – both of us training for our second career in adult entertainment (wait for it…)

Next we were off to the benches for 20 dips followed by 20 Carolina Dry Docks – 5x for a total of 200 reps (we had some problems with this.)

Back to the bus lane where we lunged the entire distance and then sprinted back to the Start X.

Blackberry had to make the donuts so we wished him well.

Since nobody was warm, there was no need to do a cool down.  Proceeded straight to the COT.  Sad day – I was the War Daddy.  Come on – where are my “Respectable” guys?

Prayers for Tim Carlson – Happy Hour tonight at Growler factory.

Have a great Thursday guys

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