24 Poles

Nantan confirmed to me this morning that he closely monitors who clicks and reads these backblast, and also those who do not.  That said, if you click on and read this backblast we have to assume it is because of the title and we are now wondering why you were so quick to click on a title about “24 Poles.”

This morning was a bit cold, but not too bad.  @loveseat did wear his winter gear, but he does so anytime the temp dips below 60 degrees. Others in attendance were: @blackberry, @heehaw, @uptowngirl, @supersally, and @stitches.

All in all we did 24 poles.  Poles is a term used in baseball for, you guessed it, running from one foul pole to another.  I really didn’t want to run to mallery to start our workout, so we modified and decided to run from one end of the casino to the other – staircase to staircase.  The distance turned out to be quite comparable and I felt faster than I otherwise would have given the tighter wind-tunnel effect.

At the end of each pole we did an exercise of either upper-body, lower-body, or abs.  Each exercise included at least 10 reps (4 count). Much fun was had by all.

Closed with announcements: nantan mentioned that all of those in the weight-loss challenge have man-boobs and really need to lose a lot of weight.  Nantan also proclaimed that he had already won and will enjoy taking the money from the bunch of “fatties,” who need “real-life change.”  Some of that may have been embellished, not sure which part.  @heehaw is doing a ruck event in savannah. @dodgeball has a bi-weekly bible study which meets Tuesday at 8pm at Mallery rec dept conf room. Then we prayed for God to help us shine his light to cast out darkness and to be the salt of the earth.


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