Leaving no man where he started…

I’m not 100% sure about the date, but I think it was about 4:45am on January 12, 2017 when I first kicked myself out of bed and drove to OPES for my first F3 workout.  I was one of  four FNGs that morning (the other three were, as I recall, Bundy, Stitches and Gatekeeper).  And that was when I came to be known as Milkbone.  It was something CSAUP, and I thought it would never stick, but I now wear that nickname with a badge of honor.  D2 was the Q that morning and I recall not puking, but feeling like I could.  I remember rushing home to get ready for my 707 group and getting light headed and seeing stars in the shower.  There was a slight fear of passing out.  Had I done too much?  Would I ever be back?  Those were the thoughts rambling through my head.

It’s been over two years since that first morning, and though I don’t make it to every workout, I am there as often as I can make it.  I have made several new friends and become closer with others whom I only knew in passing.  A lot of the time I am still the 6 man on runs, and that’s okay.  I get fatigued, short of breath and cough, but have never “splashed merlot.”  I am a better man than the Sad Clown from 2 years ago. Prior to then, I lived in fear of dying because pulmonary emboli nearly took my life (twice) in 2012 and 2013.  I took Lorazapam/Ativan for anxiety.

Backtracking a bit, at 40, I was the picture of perfect health.  Ran and worked out almost daily.  Then I ruptured a biceps tendon and blew out 2 disks in my lower back and became sedentary around 2012.  At 42, I was a completely different picture.  Even walking was painful for several months due to sciatica.  That and a genetic blood mutation nearly killed me.

After several months of EH’s from friends and acquaintances, I said I would give it a try (mostly so that I could say that I did it and explain why I would never go back).  Soon, within a couple of weeks, I was almost wide awake before the alarm went off and was out the door to get to the workouts that I so anxiously looked forward to that I would set out my workout clothes and shoes so I could run a toothbrush across my teeth, grab a hat and get out the door without waking anyone.  I “drank the Kool-Aid” and joined the F3 Cult.

That has become my pattern.  I have each and every one of you who Q, attend workouts regularly, the Kotters who show back up after an extended break, those who ruck with me, and even those who only go to happy hour (BM).  You are the reason my fears are gone and that I can lead a normal life again.

This morning, I signed up to Q, mostly to commemorate the 2 years I have been a part of F3, and for the selfish reason of finishing early enough to get home and showered to see the young men in my 707 and teach them from the Gospel (to continue a longstanding 10+ year commitment to raise them up and let them focus on being leaders and not followers).  I took the Q to  also to test the grounds of putting together a 35 minute beatdown that is as rewarding as any 45 minute workout that I have attended or Q’d, and I feel that it worked.

The weather was not ideal for what I had, so I had to improvise and will save the workout I had planned for another day.

The beatdown is as follows:

Warmup:  Wall seats with LBAC (F/R), wonderbra, Around the World and Back Again, Bent over Lateral Raise.

High Knees, butt-kicks

Lunge, reverse lunge, bear crawl, crawl bear, inchworm, hop

Modified smokehouse, 20-decline, 15-regular, 10-incline merkins, 5-bench dips

Ab station with flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury

Reverse modified smokehouse

Justice league

Jump squats

Travolta merkins

Carolina Drydock

Smurf jacks

Contra burpees

…some other stuff


Continued prayers for Tim Carlson

Started at 5:30, ended at 6:03.  In the car at 6:10, out of the parking lot at 6:12.  At my office at 6:45 when my first parent was dropping off.  Take that Nantan…



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