Three’s Company

First time in a long time for YHC to post at Jailbreak and it was good to be back.  Comfortable 65 degrees made it a perfect morning for six PAX to take a tour of Neptune Park

The Thang

Mosey by the lighthouse, SSUMC, and down Ocean Blvd, stopping for some burpees along the way.  Finished up in front of Uptown Girl’s favorite afternoon haunt, Mellow Mushroom

  • Bear crawl up the ramp, merkins x 5, crawl bear down the ramp
  • Crawl bear up the ramp, merkins x 5, bear crawl down the ramp
  • Rinse and repeat for three total circuits

Mosey down the alley (with a whiff of dumpster), ending at casino steps

  • Bunny hop up the steps
  • Mosey to center stage
  • Squats x 10
  • Mosey to park benches for dips x 10
  • Mosey to Little Dipper playground for pull-ups x 10
  • Rinse and repeat for three total circuits

Burpee broad jumps from parking lot to the flagpole


  • LBCs x 15
  • Rosalitas x 15
  • Michael Phelps x 16 (just to mess with your head)


Naked Man Moleskin

Part way through the casino circuit, a mysterious caped figure emerged from the gloom and joined our merry band of idiots.  Turns out the mysterious figure was Blackberry and the cape was none other than his infamous towel.  He said something about already having pounded out a couple hundred pull-ups on his own…

If you crawl bear down a ramp covered with leaves, it becomes less of a crawl and more of a ski slope/slip-n-slide.  In other words, you all owe me three trips down the ramp without sliding the next time

Kudos to Lab Rat for continuing to get out there despite a double case of hand, foot, and mouth that ran through his house over the weekend.  I intentionally avoided handshakes, fist bumps, and ass slaps in hopes of preventing further spread.  Sounds like it is some sort of nasty when an adult gets it.  Ask him for details


T-shirt orders are live  Several style options, all short-sleeve, and black or blue color options.  Need 12 shirts ordered to get them printed.  Open to order until 3/20.  Two orders so far.  Get yours in ASAP

Prayer Requests

For Lab Rat – hope everyone is out of the woods at your house

For Dodgeball – for clarity and guidance during bible study this week

For everyone – to take the momentum of posting this morning out into the community to serve

That’s all folks,

Cow Tipper

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