Leave no man behind

Good morning to the 18 pax that posted for the morning Q.   With @Siri on the mend the workout was tailored around teamwork and leave no man behind.  We began with a warm up of weedpickers, little baby arm circles, side straddle hops, and plank walk outs to warm us up.  We then slowsied to the outdoor gymnasium out back of the school in teams doing a 5 man carry, switching up who got carried.  Once out back it was teams of two for 1000 single count side straddle hops, 1000 single count flutter kicks, 100 pull ups, 100 dips.  @Twinkletoes and @BlackBerry crushed it with 1640 total reps of side straddle hops and flutter kicks before time expired.   We slowsied back to the parking lot and then shoulder carried @siri through the parking lot hand over hand.  I dont know who had it worse, the men carrying him or @siri but we did it and he never got dropped.   There is a popular story about our path with Jesus and footprints in the sand.   The man noticed when looking back that when times got tough he noticed only one set of footprints while during the good times he easily saw the Lords prints next to him.   When he asked, Jesus told him during those troubled times I carried your weight.  As we trust in Jesus to carry the load of our sins we also trust our brothers to carry us through our troubled times. F3 has been a great example to me how men carry each other in troubled times, whether it’s a fellow F3 member or in their service to those less fortunate who we often don’t even know.   Have a great day and my challenge today to each of you is to talk to someone today, ask how they are, then close your mouth and listen, look them in the eye and give them that 100% attention.   Make them feel like nothing else matters in the world at that moment but them.  I teach my son to look someone in the eye when he shakes their hand and talks to them because that is what men do.   In an age of constant distractions like cell phones it’s easy to not give the man in front of you that deserved full attention.  Not today!  Until next time!

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