Dora and the Jamaican Night Club

Dora came to visit this Tuesday morning and the first place she took us was to the Jamaican Night Club.

10 Pax came out for IronMan this morning.  Conditions were perfect: 71 degrees, clear, humid, light (to no) breeze, dark (because it was 530am). blackcherry, uptowngirl, milkbone, loveseat, butterfinger, mrs. howell, labrat, twinkletoes, specialK and YHC.


Warmup- LBAC F/R x10, Jamaican Night Clubs x10, Merkins x5, Lunges x5.

Split into 3 groups of 3 (plus one @blackberry).

Dora #1: 100 squats, 200 curls, 300 flutter kicks.  Partner 1 holds plank, Partner 2 does exercise (with weights). Partner 3 does farmer carry with both his weight and Partner 1’s weight.

Dora #2: 50 thrusters , 100 merkins, 150 rosalitas.

Dora #3: 25 burpees, 50 upright rows, 75 merican hammers.

Finished with group ruck with all accumulated weights to end of parking lot and back.


Closed in Prayer.


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