Abs on demand

If you didn’t come, then you probably don’t have six pack abs. Sadly, we don’t either. Labrat, specialk, loveseat, heehaw, airballs, and YHC turned out this morning with no Q en Q to lead us. I stepped up and we started warming up.

jeff imperial walkers, Jamaican nightclubs, leg swings, mosey to end of pier and back.

heehaw jacked the Q for a moment to knock out 50 flutter kicks. I think he over-did it because he quickly gave it back.

we then switched to bird dogs, then back to merkin hammers, then Superman’s, then heels to heaven, then Superman’s, then wwII sit-ups, then cobras.

bearcrawl from one park bench to next, 20 dips, crawl bear back, 20 dips, crab walk out, 20 merkins, wall crab back, 20 merkins.

More abs.

mosey to mellow. Bear crawl mount mellow, 10 merkins, crawl bear back. Repeat. Indian run back. To flagpole.

More abs.




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