A beautiful morning for an F3 workout.  14 men joined the effort to combat complacency to include guests from other F3 locations and two FNGs.

@jeterpatrick was nice enough to bring sand bags for the journey. We circled up, did some walkouts, squats, jumping jacks, and a few other exercises then hit the beach.

On the beach we ran in teams with the bags, weighing from a few pounds to alot of pounds (professional judgement here). Then in our groups we did 5 bag tosses down the beach while partners planked.   Had to be there I guess.  Then I attempted to set up an interval run with the bags, totally screwed it up and despite my poor commands, the team figured it out. Once back to the pier we did flutter kicks to failure then called it a day.

The two FNGs were named J.B. (in honor of him looking like Justin Bieber) and GI Jane for his Army MP service.

See yall Monday for the Murph.


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