Was it the workout or the horse flies?

This morning for Ironman I decided to move the PAX to the far side of the yard at SSCC.  The change of AO proved to be a very poor choice, but it did add another level of difficulty for what proved to be a semi-difficult Q.  For the entire workout, it was at least comical to watch each PAX change stance to swat the Amazonian horse flies which were attempting to feast on our flesh.   In the process we ran off one of Glynn County’s finest, who was likely asleep in his car in the church parking lot.  I don’t think he was in a great position to catch a speeder…

To get things going I turned on the Michael Jackson station on Pandora, cranked the truck speakers, and we started moving:

Huggers, LBAC F/R.

The Thang (all with your dumbbell or dumbbells)–

SSH (weight overhead with the motion) X10

Horizontal SSH (weight at chest moving in/out) X10

Vertical SSH (weight at shoulder pressing up/down) X10

Alternating reverse wood chops X10

Merican Hammers X20

Speed Skaters X10

Floating T (bend at hips, push single leg out, then push arms out to form T, to failure)

Jabs X10

Hooks X10

UpperCuts X10

Jump Lounges X10

Up Chops X10

Low Rotation Chops X10

Squat Horizontal Press X10

Twisting Speed Skater X10 (repeat due to terrible form)

Side Plank with Lateral Raise 10X

Slow Mo horizontal Push Press X10 (repeat)

Burpee with 3 Jabs X10

Anti Rotational Swings X10

Crab Press x10.

I can say that all of us were happy to call the final rep to end the workout.  It may have been the heat, or the horse flies, but we were all spent and drenched in our own sweat.  Loveseat, Mrs. Howell, Blackberry, Labrat, War Chicken, YHC.

Close with COT.



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