Boom Box AMRAP

Failure is not an option, unless it is.  Today was all about failure, that was actually the whole point.  3 turned out and I did my best to make the misery enjoyable, with my new Boom Box. @loveseat, @suds, YHC.

Warmup- SSH, Don Quixote, Can-Cans, Merkins, Mosey to Sunken-Living Room.

Each song was accompanied by an exercise or a mosey. The goal was to do AMRAP to failure for each exercise.

1st: Burpees (There Goes My Hero – Foo Fighters) @mattdart78 counted 50.

mosey around casino.

2nd: Squats (Brass Monkey – Beastie Boys)

mosey around casino.

3rd: Merkins (Push It – Salt n Peppa)

mosey around casino.

4th: Reverse Lounges (Baby Got Back – Sir Mix ‘a lot)

mosey around casino.

5th: Ab Medley (Yellow Ledbetter – Pearl Jam) – a great 5 minute abs exercise.

victory lap around big cypress tree, with Boom Box on shoulder (what’s my age again – blink 182, replaced by heart shaped box – nirvana).

Stretch back at non-existent flags.



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