Team weight

Ten pax met in the gloom for a little weighted beatdown led by YHC.  Longtime Kotter Sausage Guy and short time Kotter Fidget Spinner made triumphant returns, and Siri shifted his weekly Tuesday morning call to make it to Ironman for the first time.

After Dodgeball’s beat down yesterday, I was inspired to build more strength by doing more exercises to exhaustion.  Our other inspiration for this workout were two empty five gallon buckets in my garage – they became our team weights (or, to be more precise for the pedantic ponderings of Milkbone, the pond water in the buckets was our team weight and not the bucket themselves).

The thang

warmup – SSH, imperial walkers, don quixotes, weed pickers.

everyone got their weights, plus two people got the buckets – weights were shared as necessary.  Overhead carry weights to the corner.  I *may* have dumped some of the team weight on my head as I attempted to demonstrate how you can overhead carry a water bucket.

Worse, worse, worse merkins to exhaustion (for me, 8 4-count, meaning 32 merkins), overhead press, bent over rows.

switch team weights, and carry weights to next corner in a curl position (arms bent at the elbow). Monkey humpers to exhaustion,  weighted lunges.

switch team weight, and alternate 10 steps of duck walking and ten regular steps to next stop.  Crunchy frogs, LBCs to exhaustion.

Switch team weights, overhead carry to next corner.  Carolina dry docks, then a new exercise from the exicon that I’m calling X-abs (thanks Siri!), overhead press.

switch team weights and walk to startex with arms bent in curl position.

dealer’s choice with farmers carry – one pax carries both buckets of water around far tree while other pax took turns leading exercises.  We had a good variety, including YHC’s macerenas (accompanied by the actual song from Dodgeball’s boom box), war chicken’s bend-and-squats, suds’ Kobe Bryants (boat position and alternate lifting a leg and clapping underneath it), and milkbone’s travolta merkins. Sausage Guy gave an unofficial (and unintentional) tribute to twinkle toes by choosing little baby arm circles.

Ended with some stretching and COT with prayer for Snowball’s thumb that he almost cut off.



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