Hot Diggety Dog

Steamy, 80+ degrees and 80+% humidity.  It was a badge of honor when I realized 44% of the PAX had to go bare-chested to finish in comfort (or style).  On that note, BlackCherry has really done some work for beach season.  I think he got a hold of Trump’s spray tan specialist and helped himself to a double dose.  It looks great on you bro!  Just don’t start shaving your pits…that is just weird.

Warmup- LBAC F/R, BBAC F/R, Can-Cans, Jamaican Night Clubs.

The Thang-

5 plyo-merkins, 20 second rest, merkins to failure.

Mosey Lap

5 jump squats, 20 second rest, air squats to failure.  Failure was taking too long, so I suggested all remaining move to half extension squats…and that did the trick.

Mosey Lap (to playground)

5 rows, 20 second rest, pull-ups to failure.

Mosey to benches

5 broad jumps, 20 second rest, Step-Ups to failure.  Failure again was taking too long, so all remaining moved to single leg steps to failure – on each side.

Mosey Lap.

Crab crawl, 20 second rest, Dips to failure.

Mosey Lap.

Abs: Toe touch IC x20, Gymnast leg extensions IC x20, Cross Leg Oblique Crunch X10 on each side. Plank off – winner: Yogibear

Big Mosey Lap. COT. Prayers for car crash victims and families, Siri’s sister, Warchickens friend.

There were mixed reviews regarding my music selection for the beatdown.  I tried my best to choose something to take our minds off of the “failure” aspect of the workout so I went with BassNectar – which has very little vocals and a lot of bass.  I found it perfect.  Loveseat did not, so during countarama and namearama, we listened to his selection, the Mickey Mouse Classic: Hot Dog.  Beautiful interpretive dance came from Blackcherry, and I’m pretty sure everyone felt like the star of their own show.

In attendance: Loveseat, Butterfinger, Siri, Yogi, Fidgetspinner, WarChicken, Blackcherry, Sudz, YHC.


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