Bat wings & B.O.M.B.S

@WarChicken (respect!), @Loveseat, @Siri, @LabRat, @Milkbone, myself and special visiting brother @Drumstick gathered in the thick damp air of a Georgia summer morning for a wakeup workout.   Having just perused the lexicon I picked a few good exercises to do!


Side straddle hops, squats, ABCs (leg raises making the alphabet), weedpickers then Bat wings.  Bat wings consist of 4 counts of 20 little baby arm circles forward, then backward, seal claps, and overhead claps.  Shoulders were smoldering after that.

Nice shortcut mosey to the other side of the school to do a B.O.M.B.S workout with partners.  50 burpees, 100 overhead claps, 150 merkins, 200 big boy situps, 250 squats.

Slowsy the long way back to starting point and hit 5 pullups, 5 dips along the way.

Back at rally point we finished with another round of the Bat wings.


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