3 A.L.A.R.M or an almost mayday!

(3)  A.L.A.R.M. or an almost mayday! July 22, 2019

I was excited to sign up for a Monday Q but also nervous as it was only my second one.  Some new guys would be there as well as a lot more terrain to move about.

I had a plan brewing for a few weeks but as the weekend approached, I needed to focus on entertaining visiting family as well as plan for a (busy) last minute two-day trip to NYC – I caught a flight later Monday morning.

I had both flags so fartsacking was NOT an option.  Alarm went off at 4:45a.  I wiped the crust from my eyes (brushed my teeth…I think) and headed for the Pier.

As guys pulled up (11 PAX total) I was pleased my FNG (Ricky MArtin) from the Saturday’s “epic dodgeball event” showed up.  He works for me so he may feel obligated to come..we shall see…


  • Mosey to the Pier for some of my favorites
  • SSH x 20 in cadence
  • BAT WINGS (10 x each) in cadence
  • Tappy Taps (weed pickers) x 15 in cadence
  • Finkle Kicks (or as some have said – “SIRI kicks”) x10 (ech leg) in cadence.  You MUST watch Blackbery dance next time.


Mosey to the beach, stop in middle of two stair crossovers. Start a series of 3 ALARM exercise (Arm, Leg, Ab, “R” and “M” exercise. All done in 10 count cadence (proved to be both hard for the counting (me) and maybe not enough reps for some..there was plenty of memblings and some laughs….

A.L.A.R.M. 1

               A – Moroccan Night Clubs

               L – Flutter Kicks

               A – American Hammers

               R – Rocky Balboas

               M – Matt Biondi’s

Run up stair to other beach access and almost to middle between access.

A.L.A.R.M. 2

               A – Shoulder press

               L – Squat Jumps

               A – BBS

               R – Rosalita’s

               M – Monkey Humpers

Run back up stair to first access and back down to beach…

A.L.A.R.M 3

               A – Shoulder Taps

               L – Squats (tempo)

               A – Crunchy Frogs

               R – Randy’s

               M – Mountain Climbers

Mosey back up to picnic tables for final beatdown (or First one 😊)

Lindsay/Forties: Dips/Merkins (30/10)

30 Dips – 10 Merkins

25 Dips – 15 Merkins

20 Dips – 20 Merkins

15 Dips – 25 Merkins

10 Dips – 30 Merkins

… now that was fun!

Bonus (I want to try anew exercise each time I Q)

Marionett’s : Flat on six, up both arms rach to right, back down, up both arms reach between legs, back down, up both arms to left – that’s one.  I think we did 5 in cadence.

CoT, Countoroma, Nameroma, Announcements, Prayer

What I learned:

  • Practice Cadence
  • Some “warmup exercises” should not be part of the THANG, if so maybe AMRAP
  • Practice Cadence
  • Its best if you know the exercise (and maybe how to say it) before its part of your Q
  • Don’t do “in cadence” for every exercise
  • I like the Beach, we’ll continue to go to the Beach, so we are going to get sandy and sweaty.
  • Practice Cadence, however, I’m thinking I will do this exact exercise again but either have 1 minute timer for each exercise in the ALARM or AMRAP – I bet it would be nasty.  And of course end with a Lindsay.
  • Final thought, I think I need to practice more cadence.
  • I’ll take the compliment from @dodgeballs when he said, and I quote” I thought we were going to name this “Curves for Women”, but you redeemed yourself with the Lindsay/Forties and the Bonus exercise.

Thanks for the opportunity.  Love the brotherhood, the early gloom and the sandy, salty, sweaty workouts – chafing is good for the Soul.

Chad Goehring – 41 – SIRI

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