2nd Day of WORK

After @heehaw1 brought the noise on Monday I wanted to make sure I controlled the action for Tuesday’s beatdown.  I have been out a lot lately for vacations, etc., so I am happy to get back into the swing of things, just a little reluctant to be so SORE!

7 in attendance this morning: @mattdart78, @butterfinger, @fidgetspinner, @warchicken, @airball, @chadsiri, and YHC.

Warmup: LBAC forward, BBAC reverse, tricep stretch, neck stretch.

The Thang: (all exercises with weights)

Jumping Jacks x10

(vertical) Jack Press x10

(horizontal) Jack Press x10

Merkin Hammers x20

Jabs x10

Hooks x10

Upper Cuts x10

Flutter Kicks (weights overhead) x30

Upward Chops x10

Low Rotational Chops x10

Twisting Speed Skaters x10

Side Plank Lateral Raise

Burpee (with three jabs at top) x10

Anti-Rotational Swings

Crab Press

Horizontal Elipticals 2 sets of 5 (too friggin hard for 10)

Merkins x6, Close Grip Merkins x5, Wide Grip Merkins x4, Chuck Norris Merkins x3, Diamond Merkins x2, Clap Merkins x3

Parker Peters x20, Alternating Big-Bow Sit-ups/toe tap x10, Peter Parkers x20.


naked man moleskin-

I love to workout, and I love to push myself.  For years I lifted weights and would occasionally run, mostly on my own.  Working out with a group is so much more enjoyable, and guess what? You actually meet people when you are not doing things alone.  The secret sauce of F3 is definitely the camaraderie.  I don’t care how introverted you may think you are, men were not designed to live life alone. Just about every activity you can think of is better when shared with others.

I’m sure most of us who come regularly would agree that the fellowship we have become a part of is a bit unique in the busy world we live in – (and it is such a blessing to me!).  It is so rare to see such a big group of guys that regularly interact and “do things” together.  You would think this fellowship and trust and respect would exist in abundance within our churches, but I would (sadly) argue that it has been much easier to build community, and respect, and trust, [and maybe even love] within our F3 PAX.

Now, if what I am saying is true, and if the third F of F3 really stands for faith, what if we pushed each other to have even a slightly higher focus on our individual faith…like we do fitness and fellowship?  The respect and trust (at least for me) is already there for all of you men. You won’t offend me by challenging me to walk closer to my Lord and Savior in my speech, my actions, and my thoughts.  And you won’t offend me by challenging me to live more Boldly as a man of God for HIS Glory by sharing the hope that is within me.  So, I challenge each of you today. And, I want to encourage the PAX to challenge one another more regularly.  Let’s not stop at F2 when we call ourselves F3.


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