Morning MASS

7 men gathered in the morning humid air that fills our lungs with moist hot air that is perfect for working out.

But let me step back, I am there alone, 10 till wondering if anyone will show up.  First F3 brother arrives and within minutes says he has to run back home for round 2 of a no. 2 emergency.  Next F3 brother arrives and makes a comment of being tired, me: “well you won’t like my workout”  F3 brother “why, are we running?”   Me: “YES we are running alot!”   All in good spirits, others arrive and we begin.

Warmup of merkins, SSH, weedpicker .  Long mosey out the entrance road, back on Frederica, back to parking lot. Round of merkins, then ABCs.

Main workout, MASS: Merkins, American Hammers, Squats, SSH.  20 single count reps of each with a 20 yrd sprint down and back between each. After last sprint a full mosey around the parking lot.  That’s one rep. We did 20 min AMRAP.  At the finish time we did a rally run to bring everyone home and we all did 4-6 total reps.

Polished off workout with 25 Little baby arm circles forward, 25 backwards, 25 seal claps, and 25 overhead claps.  A little sit and reach and closed shop.

Said a prayer for Capitol Police Sgt Chris Dang who while training at FLETC was found unconscious in his dorm room around July 4th and has been in critical condition since.  Today the FLETC rec center has been gracious enough to do a fund raiser for his families travel expenses. His wife and child have been down here living in hotels to be near him while he recovers.   Let’s hope he makes a full recovery and returns to his job.

Thanks @dodgeballs @butterfinger @airball @mallcop @loveseat @blackcherry for showing up and putting in max effort.

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