A Very UNimaginative Q

I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to be that creative for this morning’s workout, but for some reason, I did want to run.  So that’s what we did, we ran, alot.  I clocked right at 3 miles from the OPES parking lot, to the roundabout, to the stables, back to the bus lane, and then some more fun to finish us out. In attendance: Catnip, BlackCherry, Brownie, Can-Can, Loveseat, FidgetSpinner, WarChicken, Tinman 2.0, Rosebud, and YHC.

Warmup- Jamaican Night-Clubs, Can-Cans.

The Thang-

Mosey to roundabout, Merkins x10. Mosey to stables, toe-touches x29. Mosey back to roundabout, alternating toe-touches x25. Mosey to entry of Marshes Edge, 5 rounds of frogger. Mosey to bus lane.

We ended with suicides, using the 20 columns for the bus lane as our lines. Mosey back to  flags.

COT. Ended in prayer.

Shout-out to two who were really pushing it this morning: FidgetSpinner and TinMan2.0.  TinMan2.0 destroyed his group in Frogger, and FidgetSpinner lead the pax for our suicide finale!


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