Heavy Day

As I was recovering from what I am calling a light version of the Flu…or maybe it was the full dose and I am just such a physical specimen that I crushed it in two days, then laughed in it’s face (the latter is probably not true, but maybe), I wanted to do an exceptionally slow workout focused on not doing cardio.  That is what we did this morning.  In attendance: Butterfinger, Loveseat, Siri, WarChicken, Tinman 2.0, Mrs.Howell, YHC.

Warmup- LBAC F/R, BBAC F/R, Weed Pick, Jeff Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:  We split into two groups so that could share weights.  Everyone who brought something threw it into a big pile and you got to pick your poison each round.  I encouraged everyone to go heavy, as heavy as possible, take your normal weight and double it – and most did.

We did 10 rounds of two rotations.

Heavy lifts:

Squats, Lounges, Thrusters, Throws, Merkins, Curls, Burpees, Upright Rows, Step-Ups, Curls.

Un-Weighted Exercies:

Big-Boi Situps, Merkins, Merkin Hammers, Speed Skaters, Bear Crawls, Crab-Walks, FlutterKicks, Dips, Taint-Ticklers, LBCs.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama.

COT, announcements, prayer requests, closed in prayer.



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