What is Tough…this or that?

I’ve been scrolling through F3 Twitter (for some F3 locations its their best way to communicate) and run across tweets straight from the top – F3 nation.  Different core principles, exercises, thoughts, lessons and some plain old truths.  The other day it was a simple statement: “F3 workouts should be tough.  So as I planned for my first AO at Sailor’s Warning I kept that in mind….how can I make this TOUGH.

Quick disclaimer and welcome and we began.  I did wait 1 extra minute in hope for Blackberry to arrive…he did not…


SSH x 20 IC

Hairy Rockettes x 16 IC  (we need to work on these as we looked like an Irish dancer having a seizure…not pretty)

Tapy Taps x 12 IC

Finkle Kicks x 8 IC

*Mosey to the start of the covered seating at pier*


Inch Worm (from plank inch fingers as far out then inch feet back to normal plank, continue to make way up pier) we went about 15 yards.  This to we need to practice as it looked more like a Bear Crawl than an inchworm.

*Mosey to the far east end of pier for start of next exercise*

Dan Taylor:

1 squat/4 lunges, 2 squats/8 lunges, 3/12,4/16,….we crossed the entire pier and then halfway back to the exit.  Props to Yogi for getting it done the fastest and most reps.  I think he reached 7/28.  The Legs felt this.

*Mosey to the start of the path along the park and ocean (I earlier counted out the light posts needed for the next exercise)*


1st light -1 Burpee, mosey to 2nd for 2 Burpees, mosey to 3rd for 3 Burpees…4,5,6,….all the way to completing at 11th Light post (which was the BIG on called the Lighthouse) and finish the 11 Burpees.  A sneaky way to get in 66 Burpees. Huge props to Yogi, UptownGirl, and Loveseat as they completed all 11.  This was not fun….

*I gave winner’s choice for the next location of exercises; Beach or the nice dewy grass at the base of the Light House – they choose the grass…and so we began…

Captain THOR:

1 BBS/4 American Hammers, 2 BBS/8 Am Hm,3/12, 4/16, …10/40.  Its an easy 55 BBS with 220 Am Hm… Uptown Girl knocked this one out for us.

**As I have done now several times I like to gather the PAX and complete the exercise together. So IC we did 1 BBS with 4 Am Hm, 2BBS 8 Am Hm, 3 BBS 12 Am Hm, and finished TOGETHER and strong with 4 BBS and 16 American Hammers…I didn’t think I could get the counts outs…but we did…exhausted. This seems TOUGH to me…

*God blessed us with perfect weather and a beautiful sunrise so I made a change in plans and we took a little mosey to the beach, just around the corner for another fun one…*


30 dips 10 merkins, 25 dips 15 merkins, 20 dips 20 merkins, 15 dips 25 merkins, 10 dips 30 merkins. The challenge here was finding a suitable rock to dip from (my original plan before the sunrise had me was to head to the benches under the big tree)…merkins in the sand are always pleasurable to me.  Loveseat and Yogi completed the task…  we were gassed.

*mosey to the Big Flag pole for the final burn out…I may have mislead the PAX as I believe I called it a cool down….it was NOT*


10 Carolina Dry Docks

20 BBS

30 Imperial Walkers

40 Monkey Humpers

50 Plank Jacks

(I thought it would be nice and maybe make it better if I had a PAX call out the counting instead of me – their pace, their count, we just followed and hoped for the finish)


James Bond – hands in a “Walter PPK” position. On six, legs 6-8” off ground, arms stretched out – HOLD. Move right to “avoid gunfire” HOLD, swing left – HOLD.



9 PAX got out of bed and entered the Gloom to better themselves: Siri, Loveseat, UptownGilr, Yogi Bear, Footloose, TinMan Too, Ricky Martin, Stitches and a very BIG welcome back to HEARTBRAKER!

Announcements and Prayers

Naked-man Moleskin:

So, what is Tough.  Webster says 1. Strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough or careless handling (of a substance or object) 2. Able to endure hardship or pain and/or to endure a period of hardship or difficulty.  For me, in my 8 months with F3 its all been tough.  Each post, each exercise each AO, I have the choice to make it tough, or tougher.  Setting the alarm and getting up at 5am after a long day, social event, adult beverages, and little sleep – that’s tough.  Running miles with D2 or Dodgeball is tough. Run, Burpee, crawl with Cowtipper is Tough.  But lets keep it tough. Make us Tougher. Get through the tough times and decisions together.  Thanks for pushing me to grow, to lead, to welcome new friendships and for those really tough workout days.  Cant wait to see where this continues to takes us!  I enjoyed this one fellas! 

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