Play the hand you’re dealt

10 men gathered in the gloom (actually a nice 60 degree morning) to sharpen iron. With a deck of Marvel Superhero playing cards we played our hands. Flip a card, each face card had an exercise, each suit had a number of reps. We lunged down to a point and knocked them out then mosey/slowsey back and flip another card. Not sure if it hit anyone else but I got to sweatin’ and my quads got to burning.

Exercises we hit- TMerkins,walk-out 1 leg raised merkins, burpees, American hammers, flutter kicks, electric chair, Australian snow angels, monkey humpers, dying cockroaches, mountain climbers, and side straddle hops.

Announcements: Heartbreaker announced the February mens’ retreat coming up to take a long weekend where iron can sharpen iron and also get a good beat down. Sounds like a good use of time. I think it’s important for men to get together and support one another in a positive way so I will be keeping an eye on this.

Prayers, Dodgeball’s neighbor is in hospice and has teenagers at home. Life is amazing but can be taken away so quickly. Let’s keep him in our prayers that he and his family make the most of their time together. I am sure Dodgeball will let us know if F3 can support the family in any way.

Heartbreaker reported our F3 brother Tim is doing well and is a testament to mind over matter. Would love to see him come out one morning and inspire us.

Heartbreaker closed us out w a solid prayer and back to our lives.

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