SUPER Veteran’s Day

Super  Veterans Day Beat-down 2019.11.11

3:41a – stupid cat banging on our door.  He just wanted some love.  I grab my alarm and headed to the couch.  He snuggled at my legs until …beep…beep..BEEP…BEEP!!!!

4:50a – I’m up and making my way to the coffee. Yes, I always have a little coffee before every workout.

I struggled leaving the house as my wife was up (thanks Mr Teddy) and at it early; which meant she would rope me into doing/helping with something… I put away the clean dishes that store just out of her reach..

5:15a – Crap, I’m going to be late! And hustled out the door.  Able to manage a consistent speed (I really don’t know if I even slowed down at the roundabout) from the Commons to The Pier, came in HOT, put the two shovels in the ground and it was time.

5:30a – warm up

5:40-ish Blackberry arrives…but who’s really counting anyway – just glad he made it with how slim the PAX was this morning.


We took a mosey to the Pier and began the exercises – we had a hunch there might be a slow arrival or two.  Blackberry did not disappoint with his grand entrance: arms flailing, towel waving, and that very specific sound of his sandals flopping!

Warm up #1: (IC)

               *SSH x 20

               *Tapy Taps x 15

               *Bat Wings x10 (ech; forward, reserve, OH, Seal)

               *Finkle Kicks x 5 (ech leg)

**Mosey to the opposite end of pier.  Blackberry joined us here.  We were entertained by the shipwreck, pilot boats, and the moon-set….quite nice actually

Warm Up #2: (IC)

               *Merkin Ladder (learned by our friends in Waycross)

               1 merkin -5 sec pause in plank, 2 merkins – 5 sec pause in plank, 3,4,5,6,7 and I was toast.

               *XY’s: a Rosalita – Flutter kick hybrid (x21 in cadence)

               (on 6, legs at 45degress; count 1-2 is the Rosalita and counts 3-4 are the flutter kicks)

We started chatting about proper running form so we took two trips to the end of pier and back.  Dodgeball by far has the best style.  We stayed on the pier for the rest of the workout.



               *1 merkin, 1 sit up, 1 squat

               *2 merkins, 2 sit ups, 2 squats

               *3..4…5… Break # 1

               ** 21 4-count Monkey Humpers in Cadence (Loveseat count)

               *6 merkins, 6sit ups, 6 squats

               *7..8..9..10..11…Break #2

               **21 4-count Mountain Climbers in cadence (Dodgeball count)

               *12 merkins, 12 sit ups,12 squats

               *13..14..15..16we are getting toasted 17…Break #3

               ** we mosey to end of pier for a sunrise view – apologies to the romantic couple we invaded…they could have been brother/sister or cousins. it was awkward either way!

               Break #3 – 21 4-count Hairy Rockettes (Siri counts)

               *jumped to 21 for the final 21 merkins, 21 situps, 21 squats

I called the time and we Billy Ran back to the flags.  I had a good jump on the boys but sputtered out by the end of the covered area.  Loveseat maintained the lead with Dodgeball on his heals…Blackberry had to gather all of his things and was a little behind me….


4 PAX got out of bed on a chilly (46 degree) Veteran’s Day morning.  Entered the Gloom to better themselves: Siri, Loveseat, Blackberry, Dodgeball.

 Prayer by Dodgeball

Naked-man Moleskin:

PRAY today.  Be Thankful Today.  Find a Vet and thank them.  Do something special; a call, a lunch, something out of your comfort zone.  Let’s enjoy our Veteran’s Day with all the Freedoms provide by the men and women in our armed services.  THANK YOU!

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