A Classic beat-down RSM style

A Classic Beat-down RSM Style 2019.11.18

3:41a – stupid cat banging on our door…Wait, that was last week…well yes, it happened again but who cares.  I get up early and so do most of you guys.  Let’s get to it….

And this also happened again….5:35-ish Blackberry arrives…

With it being the 10th Anniversary of the RSM Classic PGA golf tournament, I asked for Monday’s Q (thanks Loveseat) and I was off to the drawing board….

I thought “Let’s play 18 holes of golf – SeaSide course (PAR 70), create some drama by “picking” our score and throw in a few penalties just for fun (and brining in a true sense of an actual round of golf – at least in my game. Under Par for the round we get rewarded, Over Par an the PAX will feel it for a few days.”

Now how to turn this idea into a workout!

I dressed for the occasion; RSM cap and polo shirt (from year’s past volunteering), Golf shorts and belt, and to complete the look I wore my spike-less golf shoes and single Left hand glove. 

My clubs were on hand for our warmup.  Pre-golf game warmup of course.


Googled a top golf blogger and followed his “Golfer’s Best pre-round warmup”

* Speed walk around the parking area – it was a new concept to the PAX as they were walking, so I quickly converted to a short Mosey.

* Practice Swings:  everyone grabbed a club, separated at a safe distance and took 10-15 swings.  I thoroughly appreciated not seeing any sparks as we practiced over the concrete sidewalk.

* Trunk Rotations: with club on shoulders, arms wrapped around, stretch to the right, then the left, then back again.

* Wrist extensions: arm outstretched, slowly pull back wrist. Switch after 10-15 seconds.

* Standing Hip stretch:  with club in hands as crutch, right ankle over left knee and lean back in a sitting position – switch to left ankle over right knee.  Squeeze to feel the deep stretch.

* Pelvic tilts were skipped.

We moseyed to the First Hole (Pier) and started our round.


18 holes of golf, following the set Par from the SeaSide score card.  6 golf balls I toted around in a small range bag, had scores from Eagle to Other. I had 4 penalties preselected after certain holes, random just like real golf.

Each hole, per its Par had that set amount of exercises (3,4,5), each exercise done with 10 reps for the recognition of the 10th Anniversary of the RSM Classic.  Each random picked score (after 4th hole i pulled the Bogey from the bag…trying to get better odds for a low score) had a corresponding exercise and the 4 pre-selected penalties had an ascending amount of pain.  We moseyed randomly around the area, hole to hole until time ran out.

The HOLE exercises:

PAR 3 (less hard): SSH, LBC, Squatts

PAR 4 (harder) : Merkin, Plank Jacks, BBS, Lunges

PAR 5 (more hard) : Am. Hammers, Carolina Dry Docks, Rosalita-Flutters, squat jumps, oblique crunches

The SCORE exercises:

Eagle: 25 seconds of stretching

Birdies: x25 Bat Wings

PAR: x10 ech Finkle kicks (each leg)

Bogey: x25 Imperial Walkers

Dbl Bogey: x25 Monkey Humpers

Other: x5 worse Merkins (wide, standard, diamond)

The Penalties:

Sand Trap: x5 Burpee

Woods: x10 Burpee

Hazard: x15 Burpee

O.B.: x20 Burpee

Final Score Exercise: (till time elapses)

Total Score = Under PAR: Indian Run with Hallelujah arms (celebrating of course)

Total Score = Even PAR: Dan Taylor (1 squatt/4 lunges, 2/8, 3/16….)

Total Score = Over PAR: Route 66 (1 Burpee then sprint, 2 Burpee then sprint, 3…to 11 Burpee with a final sprint)


Hole 1 – Par 4 = Bogey

Hole 2 – Par 4 = PAR

Hole 3 – Par 3 = Bogey

Penalty – x5 Burpee

Hole 4 – Par 4 = Bogey

Hole 5 – Par 4 = Dbl Bogey

Hole 6 – Par 3 = PAR

Hole 7 – Par 5 = Dbl Bogey

Penalty: x 10 Burpee

Hole 8 – Par 4 = OTHER

Hole 9 – Par 4 = Eagle

** score at the turn = 7 over PAR…this is not looking good for final beat-down

Hole 10  – Par 4 = Dbl Bogey

Hole 11 – Par 4 = Eagle

Penalty: x 15 Burpee

Hole 12 – Par 3 = Birdie

**Mosey to flags as time ran out…This game WILL be continued!!!


10 PAX got out of bed on a beautiful day of golf.  Entered the Gloom to better themselves: Siri, Loveseat, Blackberry, Hee Haw, D2, Footloose, War Chicken, Giselle, Ricky Martin, Fidget Spinner

Announcements and  Prayer

Each player was given a Harrison Design/RSM or Harrison Design/DLF logo golf ball commemorating the 10th anniversary of the RSM Classic.

Naked-man Moleskin:

Use your God-given talents in unique ways.  I am creative.  I never would have thought I would “design” workouts for weekly 5:30a beat-downs; leading men stronger than me, more experienced and what I thought…more appointed for leadership.  THANK YOU again for pushing me and opening my eyes to a whole new adventure!

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