Team time

Eight men met in the gloom for a little fun this morning. It was cold as balls, so we tried to keep a challenging pace to stay warm.

started by breaking the Ironman rules and moseying around the parking lot. On the other side, we started lieutenant Dans – one lunge, 4 squats, 2 lunges, 8 squats, 3 lunges, 12 squats, 4 lunges, 16 squats. At this point Fidget spinner complained about not being warmed up, so we put the remainder on hold. Not to be forgotten though.

moseyed the rest of the way back for warmup – SSH, weed pickers, don quixotes, and worse worse worse merkins.  Some mild complaints on the merkins, but afterward I believe everyone was warm and we could continue.

the thang

we lined up in two groups of four in planks, shoulder to shoulder.  We then passed a ruck with 35 lb plate underneath us by pulling with our far arm.  We passed back and forth the line three times – my team allowed the other team to win to increase their confidence and give them a boost.

next we lined up the same way with the ruck on the end for a little relay.  Last man starts by crawling through the tunnel of love, picks up the ruck and carries overhead to tree and back, then gets on line and next guy starts crawling.  Dodgeball tried to usurp my authority and interject additional rules of going around the tree, but it didn’t catch on.

next, Dora with a partner.  100 weighted merkins, 100 up and overs or thrusters, 100 weighted squats, while partner carries other weights overhead if possible around tree.  Milk bone, war chicken, blackberry, and Siri got finished – kudos.

we finished up by finishing our lieutenant dans – started at 5 lunges and 20 squats and laddered to 10 and 40.  It sucked and I’m not sure of the form from everyone, but I’m pretty sure everyone did 40 of something at the end, even if they were rosebud squats.

COT – prayer for war chickens bible study and for marriages in general.


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