My ankle is still a little busted so I was trying to find a solid workout that involved little to no running.  I kept thinking Murph, but without the 1 mile there and back I knew I had to really expand the workout to eat up 15-20 minutes.  So, here is what we did:

100 Bench Jumps

100 Merkins

100 Pull-Ups

100 Split Squats

100 Hanging Knee Tucks

100 Dips

The group was really anxious to get the order and form correct so we did the first half of the workout together, splitting each exercise into 5 sets of 10 reps, in order.  It turned out to be a bit aerobic at the cadence I was calling.  And to my surprise, after 5 sets, no one asked again which exercise came next.  Surprise, surprise.

At the halfway mark it was every man for himself.  Everyone finished (some with modification).  Yogibear impressed everyone with his strength and stamina, completing the workout with about 15 minutes to spare.  Labrat impressed himself by finishing; I was happy just to finish as well.

What made the workout so entertaining and enjoyable was the playlist.  It came from a finely tuned and crafted station I have developed over the past decade on Pandora titled: ‘Mumford and Sons.’ Your welcome Cowtipper.

Those in attendance: Labrat, YogiBear, LoveSeat, Siri, WarChicken, Mrs.Howell, MallCop, Heartbreaker, BlackCherry, CowTipper, YHC.

Announcements:  Feb Men’s Prayer Breakfast , Iron Man Men’s Retreat . Sign up for both asap.

COT, Prayer.


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