Who has the Q?

The answer would be Loveseat, who had no clue that I had signed up for it weeks ago. No matter – five other pax gamely followed me into the gloom and we made it up as we went.

warmup – SSH, Bundy squat stretch, Jeff imperial walkers, merkin jacks.

mosey to front entrance – plank while we waited for 6, which turned out to be BlackBerry taking his sweet time and chuckling to himself at our misery.  We all paid the price – 14 merkins each way on the curb (left, right, incline, decline)

indian run to bus lane. Dora while partner runs halfway down columns – 50 groiners, 100 dry socks, 150 crunchy frogs.

slowsy to the halfway point of columns. Then every column alternate 10 merkins or 10 squats. Shoulders were burning a little at this point!

slowsy to the playground. Partner work again – one partner bear crawls up sidewalk while other one does 3 pull-ups and 15 dips. Yogi bear was doing dips the hard way on parallel bars, so I tried that too. It sucked. 3 rounds each per partner.

slowsy to parking lot.  Ab circle – each person calls out an ab exercise while another person runs down the sidewalk and back, then continue around the circle.

COT – prayer for iron man retreat, war chickens sons wedding.

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