He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.

Whoever came up with that saying didn’t have to carry my brother. He, indeed, is heavy.  For those who don’t know, most F3 workouts do not include weights. We don’t meet at a shiny gym with dumbbells and benches and machines, we improvise. That was the goal this morning, but with a twist. I tried my best to create a good workout using the heaviest weights I could find, and I settled for the obvious, partner ‘lifts.’


huggers, can-cans, donquixotes, rebounders.

partner up- with a warning to grab someone bigger than you if you are a ‘stronger’ guy. That really only applies to Yogi, so everyone else was paired up by default.

the thang (in no particular order)

leg throws
partner get ups
partner burpees
partner push lounges
wrestling sprawl spins
Partner drags
Partner Pistol squats
Wheelbarrow Merkins
Plank- jog in place over partners legs

we had a lot of fun with this one. Good tunes, off-color commentary from most, and a pretty decent workout. At least average. Definitely not a curves for women type. By a slim margin, at least.

in attendance- loveseat, fidgetspinner, warchicken, Siri, butterfinger, heartbreaker, yogi, charmin, heehaw, yhc.

close with cot, prayer for u-dub.


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