Murph Monday – Part 1

I’m a sucker for an easy, terrible workout, so my goal each monday I lead (until I get bored, i get bored easy) will be a variation of our beloved murph.  Maybe we can start a new tradition of Murph Mondays.  Way to fartsack @uptowngirl.


SSH, Quad Stretch, Mosey to big Neptune Playground.

The Thang-

15 Squats, 10 Merkins, 5 Pull-Ups

then run to the small playground at Neptune (100 yards?).

Repeat – until you do 300 squats, 200 merkins, and 10 pull-ups.


All in all it was (in my opinion a good variation).  I think the running, if completed, totaled out at a little over 2 miles.  No one finished in time given we stop at around 40 minutes during the week, although several were close.  Butterfinger crushed the exercises but missed out on about 10 rounds of running.

In attendance: @loveseat, @siri, @heehaw, @butterfinger, @fidgetspinner, @RickyMartin, @WarChicken, YHC.

Closed with COT.  Heehaw, who is far more important than the rest of us had to leave, so we cut things short, prayed that we were all more important, like heehaw, and then adjourned.



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