Moon-lit morning!

I awoke in the Gloom with a broken heart. And that seemed to follow me around for the entire workout.

Rode my bike to the entrance of the Commons for a light warm up and pause to gaze at the moon.

A jog in the darkness to OPES for a C.L.I.M.B. beat-down…. heartbroken and all, struggled for modivation!

My CLIMB is:

C- 25x crunches

L- 25x Lunges

I – 25x Imperial Walkers

M – 25x merkins

B – 10 burpee


C – 25x cunches. Lap around parking

C plus L – 25 lunges. Lap

C, L plus I 25 Imperials. Lap

C, L, I, M 25 merkins. Lap

C, L, I, M, B 10 burpees. Lap


C.L.I.M.B. once last time…

Leaving sweat puddles behind, a mosey to the street and then a slow job back to the entrance to complete.


We are never alone – but i do miss you guys!

Stay strong, active, and safe through all of this.

and remember to PAUSE!

Easter week. The Cross is there. Christ is RISEN!

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