A not-so Common Loop

5:46 am. Heartbreaker, Yogi, I met at a predetermined spot…the stop sign near me. In almost full darkness we warmed up: ssh x ? (OYO) Tappy Taps x ??? (OYO) and a few fine kicks for old time sake.

For what seems an eternity I have been balancing working from home, entertaining my kids (not much distance learning unless you count movies, games, and bike rides) and managing my 6 displaced staff and find myself with a little extra time on my hands… while working on a new design project I drafted the “Not so Common Loop” beat-down – see attached!

The Thang:

A Mosey around the East and West side of Commons; stopping 10x’s on East for Merkx10 and Squatx10. Added a few short sprints into the common parks and back on our way.

Westside: 3 stops along the Mosey for Merkx25 and BBSx20 and then a sprint up Bellman, slosey around cul de sac and the Sprint back to stop sign.

Slosey back to starting line and that’s all folks!

(175 merk, 100 squats, 60 BBS, 3 sprints and about 1.5 mile)

We looked more like mid-night teenagers not sure which house to ding-dong-ditch than any organized Men’s fitness leadership group. We encounter two dog walkers that I think feared for their life and one of my neighbors about to thrash some pavement on his cycle!

Be safe! Get after it! Stay positive and focussed and can’t wait to have our Epic return!

Miss ya, Siri!

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