200 at Commons Loop

It was cool, dark, and quiet. 3 of us met, warmed up and got after it.

Simple: 3 laps around the Clements Circle green space with stops for 8 sets of 25 merkins, 25 lunges, 25 squats, 25 BBS.

The Thang: Lap 1 – start with 1 set, run 1/4 set 2, run 1/4 set 3, run 1/4 set 4, run 1/4 back to start/finish

Lap 2 – set 5 run 1/4, set 6 run 1/2, set 7 run 1/4 back to start finish

Lap3 – set 8 run 3/4 at good pace then all-you-got the final 1/4. Bonus finish set 9!

Yogi led most of the way with Heartbreaker and I catching our breath when we could.

Send goodbye to Heartbreaker and yogi and I cooled off with a quick dip in his pool!

Saturday May be our F3 start back to normal!

Be safe, stay fit, and see you all soon!

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